Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

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The long and rich history of friendship that the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of India share is founded on trust and a robust trade and business partnership since the time of the Dilmun and Indus Valley civilizations.

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This policy was designed to take care of the twin requirements of LMRA Visa for a large population of Expatriate Residents above age 60 years as well as their Hospitalization claims. New India’s Health Insurance policy is now being bought by Senior Residents of all Nationalities, including, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, and African & European Countries. Many Employment agencies are also seeking this cost effective cover


The Policy provides claim on reimbursement basis of all diseases excluding, Cancer, Dental, Optical, Chronic and Pre-existing diseases and pays for treatment, taken in most of the Hospitals in Bahrain. The Policy pays for Room rent reimbursement up to BD 65/- per day. The Policy also provides for cash reimbursement of BD 15/ per day if treatment is taken in a Government Hospital. The policy is subject to a Nominal Excess in claims. OPD expenses are not payable. The policy has a waiting period of 90 days and it can be easily renewed after 2 years.

Who can take the policy?

Legal Residents of Bahrain, who have a valid Residence Permit and a valid passport and who are above the age of 60 to age 75. However residents above the age of 75 can also apply and policies can be issued at company’s discretion.

How to select the sum insured?

The Health Policy issued for a 2 year period, provides cover for Residents of Bahrain up to the age of 75 for Hospitalization Expenses incurred in Bahrain on Reimbursement basis as in-patient for an annual fixed Limit of BD 1,000.

What is the process of taking this policy.

The Policy issuing process is very simple. The Documents required are, proposal form , CPR , and the First , last and RP affixed page of Passport which can be sent by mail to the Designated Mail ID : ,, with copy to and .On confirmation the premium can be paid and policy collected.

How must time does it take to issue this policy?

Considering the importance of the document the policy is generally issued in one working day. Premium has to be paid in cash only.