About Agency Operations

The long and rich history of friendship that the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of India share is founded on trust and a robust trade and business partnership since the time of the Dilmun and Indus Valley civilizations. The unblemished relationship continuing till date with the active cooperation of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Bahrain. As part of the growing need to serve the people of Bahrain and expatriates way back in 1959 . The New India Assurance Company under the aegis of the Arabian Gulf Agency started Insurance operations in Bahrain in 1959. This agency later evolved into International Agencies Company Ltd(INTERCOL) a multifaceted business group started by Mr Abdul Rahman Ali Alwazzan. In course of time as the insurance business got regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain, the relation got formalized with The New India Assurance Co as the Licensee and International Agencies Company Ltd(INTERCOL) as its Appointed Representative.

Through these more than 5 6 decades, the New India Assurance Company with the active support of INTERCOL has been providing insurance service to the Kingdom’s growing insurance market as well as to the Indian community, and caters to the reinsurance needs of the GCC insurers as well.

New India Assurance and INTERCOL are proud to take forward the India- Bahrain friendship by way of a time tested association of mutually beneficial relationship for now more than 55 60 years to render dedicated service to different nationalities, Bahrainis, and Expatriates in General Insurance. New India has been achieving impressive business results constantly following its ability to sell need based products and achieve customer satisfaction through three offices and a dedicated claims office in Bahrain.

While the business and day to day activities are managed by the agents under Company’s supervision and established Company Guidelines, the core activities, of Underwriting, Claims Settlement, AML & Compliance and Customer Grievance are directly handled by the Company’s representative of The New India Assurance Co.

ABOUT INTERCOL ( Our Exclusive Appointed Representative)

From modest beginnings in 1957 representing a single shipping company, Intercol is today, a well- diversified, 100% Bahraini owned company representing over 200 leading corporations, many of which are blue chip multi nationals like Nokia, Nestle, New India and LIC. Founded by the Late Ali Abdul Rahman Al Wazzan and Mr. Sadiq Mohammed Al Baharna in 1957, Intercol today is managed by Mr. Abdul Rahman ALI Al Wazzan and Mr. Sadiq Mohammed Al Baharna, highly respected members of the Bahrain business community.

Throughout its history, the company has been a major participant in Bahrain’s ever growing economy. Built on firm foundations, good customer relations, constant attention to detail and the professionalism of its well trained and qualified workforce, intercol continues to ensure that it keeps abreast of the needs and demands of the kingdom and its people through the introduction of new products, processes and advance technology. To enhance the confidence of principals and customers alike, intercol became the first company of its kind in Bahrain to attain ISO 9001: 2000 certification and ISO 14001: 2004 manage environmental accreditation company-wide.

Intercol operates in the following business areas

  1. Marine & Technical Service Division (MATS)
  2. Shipping Division
  3. General Medicals WLL
  4. Consumer Products Division
  5. International Advertising Agency (IAA)
  6. Gulf Warehousing & Distribution Centre (GWDC)
  7. International Contracting Company
  8. Science and Industry Division (S&I)
  9. Lubricants & Chemical Division
  10. Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Division
  11. Water Treatment Division
  12. International Travel Bureau

Joint Ventures/Long term/Appointed agreements with

  1. New India Assurance Co
  2. LIC international BSC
  3. Danzas AEI Intercontinental
  4. Paramount Computer Systems( Bahrain) WLL
  5. Federal Express
  6. Nestle Bahrain

In 1959, as a part of its initial expansion plans, Intercol identified and realized the potential of entering the insurance business. Spurred by the growth of the economy in Bahrain, Intercol, through an Appointed Representative agency agreement, regulated under Central Bank of Bahrain associated itself with the New India Assurance Company (NIA) - an undertaking of the Government of India and the largest non-life insurance company in India. The agency office is managed by a dedicated team of Executives.

International Agencies Company Ltd, PO Box 584
2nd Floor, Al-Alwazzan Building, Al-Khalifa Avenue, Manama, Bahrain
Tel: 17225158, Fax 17213099 email: newindia@batelco.com.bh