Tie up with Copart USA for online Salvage Sale

New India Assurance is pleased to announce its tie up and agreement with the Bahrain Unit of Copart  a US firm founded in 1982 for online salvage vehicle auction  of its Accident Claim  vehicles.
Copart with its new auction platform, Virtual Bidding - The Third Generation (VB3), buyers  around the world have three great ways to join our auctions: mobile, tablet and online.  VB3 also introduces thier multi-auction dashboard. This dashboard lets buyers participate in multiple auctions simultaneously, all from within a single browser. Buyers can toggle between small and large versions of auction widgets, as well as organize the on-screen display of live sales through innovative drag-and-drop functionality. VB3 also eliminates the need for frustrating plugins and supports all of the latest browsers.
Additional features of VB3 include:
·  Monster Bidding,” which allows for higher bid increments
·  Circular countdown timer and in-auction audio elements for a more intuitive and “game-like” experience
·  Regional flags representing current and high bidders
·  In-auction vehicle detail display with full-size photo browsing
·  Intuitive auction list that removes sales already ended or already joined by the buyer
Copart  Bahrain  organizes weekly online salvage sale every Sunday at 4 pm Bahrain Local time .provides the following services to New India Bahrain Wreck vehicles
·  Online Auction platform for Salvage vehicle every week
·  Pick up of TL vehicles from  accident/garage site to its location /storage yard in Bahrain
·  Safe Storage of Salvage Vehicle till the time of Auction  and sale
·  Online re-marketer of vehicles, selling over 2 million vehicles per year and with more than 170 facilities across the world.
The website can be accessed at http://www.copartmea.com and after selection Bahrain as the location, salvage buyer can register and do the online salvage buying.

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The long and rich history of friendship that the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of India share is founded on trust and a robust trade and business partnership since the time of the Dilmun and Indus Valley civilizations.

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